Preaching with Bold Assurance

book coverThis is a must read for any communicator.


Preaching with Bold Assurance by Bert Decker and Hershael York might be the most thorough preaching book I have ever read.

The reality is that God still uses preaching when it comes to getting his message across. Too many pastors and churches today seem to be embarassed about preaching. Thinking that people no longer want to hear preaching or that preaching doesn’t work. People don’t want to hear bad preaching. Mark Driscoll has a great talk that every pastor needs to listen to called “Putting Pastors in their Place.”

What this book calls for is good preaching. It calls people who preach every week to bring their best. Not only in content, but in delivery and it gives a great process to do that. One of the things I have noticed since becoming a lead pastor is the lack of preparation pastors put into their sermons. I’ll have pastors tell me they spend 2 – 3 hours working on their sermon.

Your sermon, is the one time throughout the week that you have your church’s attention. It deserves more than 2 – 3 hours of your time. As the author’s point out, this comes from poor planning on the pastors schedule and a lack of planning ahead on what to preach on.

Pastors, plan a preaching calendar.

Churches, make sure your pastor has time to write his sermon. Poor preaching comes from poor planning.

The problem in many churches is that pastor preaches unprepared, he mishandles the scripture and consequently, his church then learns to mishandle the scriptures. “How a pastor handles the scripture is how his church will handle the scriptures.”

The authors hold up as the ideal preaching one big idea and preaching for life transformation. Preaching is not about passing information on, while this happens, the point of preaching is life change.

What really challenged me was how I am helping my church to remember what I say. I think the content is good and biblical, but I was challenged to think through how to make it memorable. Be on the lookout for some new ways of that happening at Revolution.

I think too many pastors think they have to choose between information and transformation, so they feel like they will be more Biblical if they choose information. This is not the case. We should be about both, with the goal of using information to get transformation.

As I said, great book. This is a must read for anybody who preaches on a regular basis.