Zero to Sixty: 60 Principles and Practices for Leading a Growing Church

book coverJust finished Bob Franquiz’s book Zero to Sixty. Bottom line, every church leader, pastor or elder needs to read this book. It was so practical and helpful. It is one of those books with a nugget on every page.

This book really tracks well with the coaching network I am in with Nelson Searcy (as Bob went through the same network).

The book is broken up into 4 sections:  Leadership strategies, staffing strategies, ministry strategies and personal development strategies. Much like Axiom.

Bob covers everything from vision casting, marketing, creating and sustaining a small group culture, rest and sabbath, how to plan a preaching calendar, hiring and firing staff and volunteers, what a pastor’s wife does and does not do (really important chapter), giving, goal setting and my personal favorite the “stop doing” list (worth the price of the book).

Here are a few things I highlighted:

  • You are always communicating vision. Everything you do inside and outside of your church, everything you say and don’t say communicates vision. How you spend your time, what gets announced, communicates vision.
  • If you’re not engaged in growing your leadership, you’re not engaged in leadership becauase at its core, leadership implies growth and change.
  • It doesn’t matter how important you say small groups are. What matters is eliminating the competition to small groups.
  • The sign of a healthy membership system is that not everyone will join. When your vision is clear, there will be those who aren’t going in that direction and will want to find another church to attend.
  • Every great leader knows that his time is his life.
  • When you challenge people, you invite them to go to a higher level.
  • Servanthood is about being servant hearted, not simply doing everything.

This is a must read book for every church leader. I got so much out of this book.

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