Links of the Week

  1. Perry Noble on How to improve your marriage part 1, part 2, part 3. Since being married for 7 years and as I’ve been working on our marriage series coming up, this is right on. This is especially true for pastors. I’m blown away by how many pastors seem to careless about their marriages.
  2. Joshua Cody on Creatively communicating love. This is an interesting look as to why Brian McLaren is celebrating Ramadan.
  3. Inside North Point’s creative process. North Point is a church that does attractional ministry better than almost everyone. This is a great look at how they do creativity.
  4. Jesus Loves You…This I Know book tour. This is a book that I am very interested to read from a guy that is out on the edge doing some incredible ministry in Las Vegas.
  5. Are you excited? This post has me so excited about the future of Revolution Church!
  6. WorshipGod09 Main Session Messages. If you are a pastor, worship leader or help to lead worship in a church, these are definitely worth checking out.
  7. Sam Rainer on 10 things to know about leading young adults. This is right on when thinking about what young adults look for in leaders, churches and what they expect.