Why I Twitter & Blog (and Why Every Pastor Should as Well)

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Recently, many of my friends on Facebook have been giving me a hard time about twitter, how lame they think it is and how often people do it. The Facebook faithful are convinced twitter is somehow more narcistic than Facebook is, but I would venture to say they are tied.

But this isn’t about which is better. This is about why I twitter and blog and why I think every pastor/leader should as well.

These two innovations have made it easier to connect with people and to stay up on what is happening in people’s lives. I am amazed every week when I see someone from Revolution and they will ask me about something I either tweeted or blogged about. It has created a way for me as a pastor to let people into my life. And this allows people to decide how connected they want to be with me. If they don’t want to know, they don’t have to follow along, but if they do, the option is there.

I can share what is happening in our world, with our kids, things we learn in our marriage, how Katie and I date each other, etc. I can share prayer requests, let people in on exciting things happening at Revolution before they are made public. In fact, if you follow my blog, you will know what I am going to be preaching, the books and ideas that are shaping our church and my thinking.

It has also become another way for me to teach, lead and vision cast to our church. I am able to share with our church things I am learning, reading, great blogs/articles/sermons that I come across that I can expose them to without overwhelming them or taking up time on a Saturday night. Again, if they want the connection it is there and available. They can read or listen to what I pass along or not. They are able to do it on their timetable.

What used to be a dream for pastors is now reality.

In case you aren’t connected with me or Revolution on twitter and facebook, you can so here:


Again, if you are a pastor who does not blog or tweet. You need to. This is not a fad but another avenue for ministry and leadership.

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