Next Series: No Perfect People Allowed

This fall, we are preaching line by line through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). It is Jesus’ longest recorded sermon and covers everything from heaven, hell, marriage, money, prayer, fasting, forgiveness, and what it means to follow Jesus.

To go through this sermon, we are breaking it into 4 smaller series. The first series is called No Perfect People Allowed.


Many people in our culture love Jesus, but can’t stand his followers or his church. Why is that? How can so many people be enamored by Jesus but have such a distaste for those who claim to follow Him?

Somewhere along the way, the church got away from what Jesus was all about, got away from his core teachings. In this series we’ll look at what Jesus calls his followers to and how that plays out in our daily lives, as well as what that looks like for us as a church. We’ll specifically get into the mission of Revolution and why we exist.

Here’s how this series breaks down:

  • August 29: Come & See (Matthew 5:1 – 2)
  • September 5: Come & Die (Matthew 5:3 – 12)
  • September 12: Go & Tell (Matthew 5:13 – 16)
  • September 19: Impossible (Matthew 5:17 – 20)

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