Going in the Same Direction as the Devil

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Lead Pastor Coaching Network I’m doing with Nelson Searcy. While it was more of an overview of what the year will entail, I left the time really, really excited about what lays ahead. Not only for me personally as a leader, but for what God is going to do over the next year and beyond at Revolution through this network.

One thing Nelson said yesterday has been in my head since.

He made the comment that God is going to stretch us and our churches and use leaders who want to be used to do great things. It is exciting, exhilerating, humbling to be a part of what God is doing.

The flipside of that is whenever you do something great for God, whenever you help people find their way back to God, you piss the devil off.

He said, “If as a leader and church, you aren’t experiencing warfare with the devil, you might be going in the same direction as the devil.”


Here are some things to consider:

  • Are you as a church coming up against any opposition?
  • Are you as a leader/family experiencing any opposition?
  • Any difficulties right now?
  • Is it smooth sailing?

Perry Noble had a great post this past week of what many pastors and their families experience in this area.

One thought on “Going in the Same Direction as the Devil

  1. Well said. You are absolutely right. When someone stands up for God they are standing up to the devil and he will bring all of his resources against you to try to force you to back off. I know. I’m experiencing it. God bless, Anna

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