Focus: The Top 10 Things People Want & Need from You & Your Church

book coverAs a follow-up to their previous books Reveal and Follow Me, Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson researched 376 churches and 80,000 people for their book Focus to discover what was the number one thing they wanted and needed from a church. The one thing they were trying to discover was what they needed and wanted to grow spiritually.

They came from the angle of specifically what part the Lead Pastor plays in this equation. As they pointed out, “when someone comes to a church they have something specific they are looking for in the church, but also the Lead Pastor.”

They question they tried to answer was, “Do people want and need the same thing from a church and lead pastor, or are they two completely different things?”

For example, do people want to be challenged, or do they want to hear a good sermon? Do people want to connect with God, or do they want an exciting weekend service? Where does community fit in? Serving? What about social justice?

The authors waded through all of these options of what people look for and what actually helps people grow in their faith, as well as what is beneath what they say.

What I found most interesting about the research is they answer they discovered was the same across the board. It didn’t matter if you were part of a small church or a megachurch, it didn’t matter if you just became a Christian, were still exploring Christianity or if you have been walking with God for 30 years. The #1 driver of spiritual growth was the same:  Spiritual challenge.

Definitely worth picking up.