Links of the Week

  1. Catalyst on Key leadership principle for young leaders. This has been hard for me to do, still is hard for me to do, but being faithful with what God has called you to is so important. Stop looking at others and ahead of you, just do what you are called to do. Great reminder.
  2. Sam Rainer on Signs of a struggling local church. Even though the news is grim when it comes to local churches, with what I see God doing at Revolution and other churches in Tucson, I’m excited. We are kicking a dent in hell and this list will help to keep us on track.
  3. Thabiti Anyabwile on When to make changes. This is a great look at how to make changes in a church or organization.
  4. Greg Despres on Does leadership skip a generation? Great reflections on Andy Stanley’s The Next Generation Leader book.
  5. David Putnam on Common mistakes church planters make. This list is right on. I/we’ve made most of these.
  6. Perry Noble on 10 questions leaders need to ask. Great list.
  7. Steven Furtick on The power of regret. It is good (sometimes) to be reminded of the journey we have taken, what God has saved us from, the grace he has extended to us.
  8. Katie had a great post on Supporting the man in your life. This came from our small group discussion, it is right on when it comes to what a man needs and the role his wife plays in his life.
  9. The Daily Dish on The odd lies of Sarah Palin. Regardless of your opinion on her politically, this is a great reminder that at the end of the day, as a leader, integrity, your word is all you have.
  10. Ray Ortlund on Jesus Jr. We miss what Jesus is all about and instead of seeing ourselves in the image of God, we try to make God in our image.