Katie and I watched Doubt last night. Great movie.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (Father Flynn) seems to be great in any role he chooses and Merryl Streep (Sister Beauvier) was right on as a nun.

Being a pastor, it was an interesting look inside of a church, the leaders, how it is so easy to try to take another person down, and how leaders wrestle with doubts and certainties.

It takes place in a parish in New York City. Sister Beauvier “knows things about people” and she knows that Father Flynn is off, something si wrong. She begins a private witch hunt and from the start, because she has sized him up, everything he does and does not do proves her suspicions right. Even when, they are proven wrong “she knows” she is right.

Now, what she goes after Father Flynn on is never shown whether or not it was true, you are left to decide that, which was an interesting twist.

At one point, Father Flynn makes the comment, “Doubts can be just as dangerous as certainties.” Which is true. Because, if we are certain about something, it shapes how we see that thing, that person, that memory.

What is interesting at the end of the movie is Sister Beauvier is talking with Sister James (Amy Adams) and Sister James says, “I wish I could be like you, I wish I could be certain.” To which Sister Beauvier says, “I have doubts, I have so many doubts.”

Makes you think about what people in our churches are carrying around and do they have a place to share it. Is there a place for leaders and those in our churches to say, “I have doubts, I have so many doubts.”

Definitely worth picking up. It created some interesting conversations for Katie and I.

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