Some Recent Flicks

This past weekend, Katie and I watched 2 really good movies.


We went to see State of Play on friday night. This is definitely worth the price of seeing it in the movie theater. Finally, Russell Crowe decided to act like an actor, amazing. It has a great cast, Helen Mirren is always good. Jason Bateman even makes a hilarious cameo.

It follows a reporter (Crowe) and a Congressman (Ben Affleck) who were college roommates. Affleck is in charge of a congressional committee that is looking into the use of private armies. In the midst of this, murders begin to pile up that are all connected. Crowe and Affleck are doing their separate and combined investigations in hopes of uncovering something that will help sell papers, help Affleck stick it to the man and solve the murders.

The twist at the end is not something that I expected. The culprit is well hidden throughout the movie and is exposed in the last 5 minutes. Love when that happens.

Makes you wonder about private armies. How necessary are they? Are they a good thing?

I am always amazed and reminded about the price and responsbility that comes with leadership. Too many leaders take it too lightly. Movies like this are constant reminders about how important leadership is and how hard it is to finish as a leader and keep your integrity.


Last night, we watched Seven Pounds. I had heard good things about this, but was curious about how it was. It started slow, but maybe that was because we kept getting interuppted by a daughter that should have been in bed.

Will Smith stars as Tim/Ben Thomas. He was the reason for a car accident which claimed the life of 7 people, including his fiance’. The story unfolds that Thomas wants to help those who need help, people who are worth helping. He donates body parts (kidney, liver) and money to help people. In the end, he donates his heart and eyes. All in all, helping 7 people in an effort to make up for the car accident.

It made you think, how long does it take us to help people? Do we need to wait until a tragedy to help someone? Why is it that we decide who is worth helping?

It definitely causes you to think about the shortness of life and what matters. Katie and I had a great conversation about goals and where life is for us.

Later this week I’ll share what movies I’m pumped about seeing this summer.

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  1. I thought that this was a very good movie, however I still don’t understand why the movie was called Seven Pounds. I mean, i get the Seven part. Claiming the life of Seven people, and helping Seven people. But why Pounds? Do you know???

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