8 Reasons to get to Revolution This Week & Bring Everyone You Know

  1. Zimmerman is leading worship. If you haven’t heard these guys, you will not be disappointed.
  2. Your friend might say “yes” to the invite.
  3. Many of you have been challenged by this series, why not share that? What does God want to do in the lives of those you know?
  4. We’ll be applying last week’s message, we’ll be talking about how to get rid of our baggage. Who doesn’t need help with that?
  5. Revolution is almost 7 months old, so we’re having a sundaes bar after church. That’s right.
  6. The U of A doesn’t have a game, so there’s no reason to watch the Final Four.
  7. We’re doing Q & A, always fun.
  8. We will be clearing laying out how to follow Jesus, everyone needs to know that. We’ll be looking at what the point of Jesus is.