Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • What a week
  • Ashton was born
  • Katie did great, she looks great, he looks great, it is nice to have him
  • I love the moments when I just hold him, get to talk with him, pray over him, tell him how he just missed the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, all the important stuff
  • I heard Dave nailed his sermon & Paul and the band killed on Snow Patrol’s “Take back the city”
  • That phrase encapsulates our dream for Revolution
  • It was the first night since we started back in September that I was not at church
  • A little weird but nice to be able to be with the family and take care of them
  • I was reminded of a few things tonight:  1) God cares more about Revolution than I ever will, this is incredibly comforting; 2) There are so many people at Revolution who care about Revolution as much as I do; 3) We have the greatest volunteers on the planet, I would not want to do ministry with anybody else, thanks for your hard work and sacrifice
  • But I did miss being there
  • But we did have a great family day, we had a picnic in the park which was a good time
  • Tonight we did date night after the kids went to bed
  • Our menu:  grilled lobster tail, steamed mussels, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, red lobster cheese biscuits
  • I can still taste it in my mouth
  • Found out this week that a pastor in France is translating some of my sermons on the Song of Solomon into French so he can use them, how cool is that?
  • Just finished a great book for school, a must read for any leader
  • Here’s a video of Mark Driscoll on D.L. Hughley
  • I got my ticket changed to community service, that’s nice
  • If you have not signed up for a small group, you need to do so, you can contact me if you are intersted in getting better connected at Revolution
  • One of the advantages of not having church on Sunday is we can check out other churches and learn from them. Tomorrow we’re going to check out Vail Christian Church.
  • Watching the slam dunk contest with Ava right now, good stuff
  • Had another elder meeting this past week, it is awesome to have that team together and helping to lead Revolution to the next level
  • This Tuesday is FUEL, this is when we bring together all of our leaders for some community and leadership development time, if you are a leader at Revolution, we’ll see you Tuesday @ 6:30
  • We had our first creative team meeting this past Thursday, it’s awesome having some help in planning our worship gatherings
  • I got a lot of e-mails from pastors asking questions about this team so I’ll try to blog about it this week to let you know how we do it
  • Got the new Denison Witmer this week, I went to high school with Denison and his stuff just keeps getting better
  • Also picked up the new Fray album, wow, one of the best I’ve heard in awhile
  • Got booked this week to speak at a discipleship conference in March up in Phoenix, it will be awesome to share what is happening at Revolution, looking forward to serving the leaders who are at the conference
  • Katie’s dad and step-mom might be making an overnight visit tomorrow to meet Ashton, they live in Kuwait and are in the states for a week, so it will be great to see them
  • We’re putting together a newcomer’s gathering for all of the new people at Revolution, I’ll share more details next Saturday, but be on the lookout
  • I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, we are incredibly blessed at Revolution to have the team in place that we do
  • You do not want to miss next week as we wrap up our series on Jonah, I’m pumped to be back preaching after 2 weeks off
  • Off to some more couple time with Katie

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