“The inescable conclusion is that we must throw out any notion that God is truly at the center of the church’s heart in North America. The shift in society’s view of the church has resulted in the marginalization of the church and the secularization of society. Christianity has lost its place at the center of American life. Christians must learn how to live the gospel as a distinct people who no longer occupy the center of society. We must learn to build relational bridges that win a hearing.” – Tom Clegg & Warren Bird

Do you agree or disagree? Is this a good or bad thing?

One thought on “Thought

  1. I don’t think God has lost it’s place, which for me changes the equation a little. More than 90% of the people still profess a belief in God. The question is then, are we losing God or are we losing our religious expression of that God?

    The latter I can live without, because it strips away the false pretense. And what has the potential to emerge is a fresh wind of the Spirit.

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