Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Great night tonight
  • Alex Mar led worship for us tonight and did an awesome job
  • I am loving the Q & A that we do at the end of the service, great addition to what we do
  • Great topic tonight
  • I think too many married couples are disengaged in their marriages and that is what leads to unhappiness, loneliness and ultimately, affairs
  • I talked tonight about boundaries Katie and I have, you can read more about that here
  • Paul and Jennifer will be here the weekend of November 8th to look for a place to live, and Paul will be leading worship that night
  • I can’t wait for them to get here
  • If couples apply tonight and next week, it will make a huge difference in affair proofing their marriage
  • If you need some date night ideas, click here
  • After church tonight I went with Todd to the Arizona/USC football game, good times
  • Only 8 more days until Katie and I go on vacation, can’t wait
  • I’m so addicted to Twitter, you can follow me here
  • I am so addicted to the election coverage right now, I’m ready for the election to be over
  • SNL’s version is actually better than any other channel, too bad that isn’t on 24 hours a day
  • Excited that Penn State won, our national title hopes are still alive, but I’m sure the BCS will screw that up somehow
  • We have our next missional life project in the morning
  • We’re cleaning up Tanque Verde Park, see you at 9am
  • I have to put my fantasy teams together yet
  • Still rocking my leagues, I’m in first place in 2 of 3 (I’m 7-0, 6-1 & 5-2)
  • Looks like the world series title may come to Philadelphia this year, could happen, but Philly sports always figure out a way to break your heart
  • Huge football game tomorrow:  Giants vs. Steelers, I think the Steelers will prevail, but it will be close
  • Busy week this week, something happening every night of the week
  • It’s so hard to go on vacation, you almost have to kill yourself to get everything done so you can go on vacation
  • This week, I have a meeting with potential small group leaders, really excited about the people stepping up to lead in this important area
  • Click here to join the conversation on our discussion blog
  • I’m exhausted, I’m going to bed
  • Here is a fascinating video about “why men cheat”

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