Making Vision Stick

I’m getting ready for our next series “Becoming…” which is going to be a series about what Revolution is all about, why we exist, what we feel God is calling us to, etc. Basically, a vision series. This is something we will do every year. It is incredibly important to stay on track because it is so easy to drift away from your vision.

Andy Stanley is one of the best voices when it comes to leadership, but specifically, vision. His book Visioneering is a must read. As I was thinking through how to communicate where we are, where we are going, Stanley’s book Making Vision Stick was a great re-read.

Stanley says, “To make vision stick, state it simply, cast it convincingly, repeat it regularly, celebrate it systematically, and embrace it personally.”

As I’ve thought back over my experience in church, it is easy to see the churches I have been a part of which ones were effective and how much that depended on clarity of their vision, how much they communicated it. I remember being on staff at 2 churches and I could not tell you what the vision was. No one knew the core values, when ideas came up we didn’t ask “Does that fulfill the vision?” We asked what it would cost, who else did it. Good questions, but the wrong questions.

At Revolution we ask, “Will that reach our target? Does that accomplish our vision?” The answer has to be yes to both questions, one is not enough.

Here are some thoughts:

  • The 3 primary obstacles to making vision stick are success, failure, and everything in between.
  • If the people around us don’t know where we are going, it’s because we haven’t made it clear.
  • If the vision is too complicated for people to embrace, nothing changes.
  • Every vision is a solution to a problem.
  • To make it stick, you need to find ways to build vision casting into the rhythm of your organization.
  • What’s celebrated is repeated.
  • What people complain about communicates their understanding of the vision.

Good brush up on communicating vision. I am loving the series we are in and the stories of change that are happening in marriages, but can’t wait for the next series. I love talking about our vision, why we exist.

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