Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, & Create Movement

Church Unique was a great read. One of the things I have struggled with as a leader is getting past how I have seen lead pastors lead. In a modern world, churches were led top-down, the lead pastor came up with the vision, heard God speak and rallied the troops so to speak. In the world we live in now, this model doesn’t work. The problem is that there still needs to be leadership, accountability, etc. But how does that happen?

That is the questions this book tries to answer. In some ways it succeeded, in others, it failed. It is hard to get past what we have always known into a new world of understanding.

Here are a few things that jumped out:

  • Clarity makes…uniqueness undeniable, direction unquestionable, enthusiasm transferable, work meaningful, synergy possible, success definable, focus sustainable, leadership credible, and uncertainty approachable.
  • If your primary focus, or paradigm for effectiveness, is trying to enhance your limitations, you will end up worse off than when you started.
  • The assumption is that more information will produce clearer direction, but just the opposite is true…Too much information shreds the big picture into so many small pieces that the vision is hopelessly lost. More information equals less clarity.
  • Clarity is the preoccupation of the effective leader. If you do nothing else as a leader, be clear.
  • When it comes to clarity, new levels bring new devils. The higher the leader goes, the harder the leader must work to stay clear.
  • Imagine how much more we would get done for the kingdom if no one cared who got the credit.
  • Your church can’t be anything it wants to be, but it can be everything God wants it to be.
  • You can teach what you know, but you only reproduce what you are.
  • If you copy someone else’s vision, who will accomplish yours?

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  1. Well I had wonder about Mancini’s book. Had it in my wish list but your summary helps. I really like Keel’s “Intuitive Leadership.” I have heard him speak on the book a couple of times here in KC.

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