Church Marketing 101: Preparing Your Church for Greater Growth

Church marketing is somewhat of a bad word in certain circles. When you hear, you may think of bad hair and someone selling Jesus on TV, not a good image. For me, church marketing has not been a bad or sinful idea, but something the church should be doing. As Richard Reising points out in Church Marketing 101, your church is marketing whether you realize it or not. The way you are perceived in the community, the way your building looks, paying your bills on time, etc. These are all marketing tools in our world.

 Here are a few things that jumped out:

  • Marketing is not simply about applying neat promotional ideas. Those are not the strategies I am talking about. It is so much deeper. Marketing is part of the infrastructure for growth. It is not the flashy paint on the outside – it is the steel beams that hold up the walls.
  • When you do not pay your bills, you’re marketing. When you do not cut the grass, you’re marketing. When you talk over the heads of your “prospects” or fail to serve them, you’re marketing. You are shaping perception in the hearts and minds of your members and your target community – that is the definition of marketing.
  • Most churches fail at marketing because they do not grasp that it encompasses every aspect of church life. They assume it is about things like passing out flyers, but it is much greater than that. True marketing is such a large concept that even those churches that say marketing has no place in the church simply do not realize that they are, in fact, currently doing it. In most cases, they are just doing it poorly.
  • Marketing is the management of perception.
  • There are over 30 references to Jesus perceiving people’s perception and changing His ministry direction, re-communicating, or deciding to halt communications altogether.
  • We all develop verbal shortcuts among groups we are involved in. They not only save time, they reinforce our sense of community and belonging. Unfortunately, those shortcuts also build walls between us and outsiders.

Definitely a must read for any church leader. It was really helpful as we are doing our preview services in preparation for the launch of Revolution Church in September!