Highlights of 2007

2007 was quite a year in the Reich family, here some of the highlights (in no particular order):

Gavin joined the family
Moving to Tucson, AZ
Celebrating 5 years with Katie
Playing in the snow with Ava in Durango, CO
Doing my first baptism
Being in Kevin’s wedding
Taking the kids to winterhaven
Seeing Live at the AZ State Fair
Gavin & Ava laughing (a lot)
Sam Adams
Biking in Arizona
Seeing people step up at Beginnings
Ava trick or treating
Getting Scott into football
Other communicators preaching at Beginnings
Being a part of MissionalX
Hiring Seth to be our Worship Pastor
Becoming a lead pastor
Learning to like hot coffee
Becoming more of a wine consignor
Sitting on our back porch around the fire pit
Teaching my cousins to snowboard
Seeing Katie be a great mom

One thought on “Highlights of 2007

  1. That sounds like a pretty eventful and wonderful year. I am also really glad you came to Tucson, you are a great addition to Beginnings. Happy New Year!

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