Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church

Mark Driscoll has been a big influence on me throughout my ministry career. This book has been incredibly helpful to me and one that I have read through several times. In fact, this spring, our elder board is going to read through it as we prepare to work through a strategic plan on how to move our church through the 250 & 500 growth numbers. The one thing I have learned about leading a church and from this book, along with the book of Acts, is that growth does not just happen.

One of the things I have always appreciated about Mark is his take it or leave it attitude and preaching style. While this has been polarizing and led to him having many critics, I like that he just says what he thinks and you have to deal with it. He is also a manly preacher, meaning, he is not trying to get you in touch with your feelings or trying to help you have a better week next week than last week. He wants you to see the hero of the Bible, Jesus and he wants that to impact you.

Mark is the founding pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle. This book follows the growth of that church. The highs and lows. Each chapter represents a different chapter in the life of the church. It is broken up by the growth and how the church grew numerically and the stories from those times periods.

I especially appreciated the appendix at the end where he talked about distinctives of larger churches and how they differ from smaller churches. Very enlightening reading.

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