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Craig Coulter is the Lead Pastor of Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene.  Since Beginnings is part of the Nazarene church, Craig was someone I sought out soon after moving to Tucson to learn more about the Nazarene church.  He has become a great friend and a great mentor as I have waded through the waters of being a lead pastor.  About once a month, we meet up for lunch somewhere, usually at Chili’s.  I think Craig has a mancrush on Chili’s, but it is still good.  Always good to talk church, leadership, change and other topics that get tossed around.  One of the things we talked about was handling criticism and dysfunction in church, which I will blog about in a few days, maybe next week or the week after.

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  1. Hi there,

    Just bouncing around WP and came across your site. Would be really interested on your follow up to “One of the things we talked about was handling criticism and dysfunction in church…”. I jumped into blogging recently (, but I’ve spent the last several years of my life trying to help people get past the “religion” of the church, so they can clearly consider the “relationship” Christ is offering. These areas you mention are definitely an area of needed improvement for the Church. Thanks for discussing them.

    Also, total side note, how did you create your “Books on the Bedside Table” widget with the book cover pictures? My TypePad friends have a friendly Amazon widget working for them, but in the WP forums, I’ve only seen a very elaborate set of instructions for how to accomplish on WP.

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