Invite Cards

For many people at Revolution, the way they found their way to Revolution was through an invite. While people find their way through signs, the web or other adertising, the best way is an invite. Almost 80% of our church has come because of an invite from a friend.

This is why we are big fans of invite cards.

This past Saturday, we spent several minutes in our service praying for the names on our invest and invite cards and for our next big day on April 3rd. It was really a holy moment in the service.

If you have not grabbed some invite cards for April 3rd, make sure you do so this Saturday night.

Here is a list of what to do with invite cards and how to use them (courtesy of Here to Lead):

  1. Hand them to people you meet and say “I’d love to invite you to my church.”
  2. Give them out in drive thru lanes.
  3. Put a stack at your office, store or place of work.
  4. Ask if you can set a stack out in a business that you frequent.
  5. Give them to neighbors, friends and co-workers.
  6. Leave them on tables at restaurants to invite your server.
  7. Make a list of five people and go seek them out.
  8. Ask God to give you an opportunity to give them out.
  9. Give them out in the lunchroom or before class begins.
  10. Keep a few in your wallet, purse or car.